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Get Together Golf Tournament

The "No Frills" Golf Classic

Colon No Frills Golf Classic
Get Together Golf Classic Get Together Golf Classic Get Together Golf Classic Get Together Golf Classic

Begin the 83rd Abbott's Magic Get-together with the most enjoyable, non-scheduled event during Magic Week: The 31st Annual Open Colon Golf Classic. If you like to golf, like to party and like to spend a day with magicians who golf...YOU CAN'T MISS THIS GOLF OUTING.

All registrants, of the Get-Together, who like to golf are welcome. Come with a foursome or join up with one the day of the outing. Rental clubs are available at the golf club.

Here's what you need to know:

$10.00 is your cost to Al The Only the day of the outing.

Call Al The Only 808-874-2591 or e-mail him at to get sign up and get a tee time.

If you want to golf, you pay the greens and cart fee at the course.

If you want to eat, you order what and when you want and pay for it.

If you want to drink, see the above.

Tee off time is at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 at St. Joseph Valley Golf Club (1 269 467 6275) , on M-86 just west of Nottawa, Michigan.

All golfers to arrive between 8:00am and 8:30am.
Greg Bordner holds Trophy

There will be no drawing, no raffle and no door prizes. (Talk about no frills.)

Anyone interested can enter a skins game (two flights/96 and below and 97 and above).

We will have a plaque for the Golfer of the Year (determined by the Callaway system), and a trophy for Closest to the Pin, both will be awarded at the course after the outing so plan on staying for a late lunch or an early dinner with us.

A Brief History

In 1989 Magician Al The Only, from Hamtramck, Michigan, showed up at the Abbott's Magic Get-Together with new, strange looking magic wands and wizard sticks. He told his buddies they were called golf clubs.

Friends Bibik, "of Course!" from Chicago and Mike "Tommy" Russo from Atlanta encouraged Al that they should hold a golf outing and so it was decided to begin the following year. When no one else wanted to run it, Al The Only was nominated as the Chairperson. Magician/Funny Man Abb Dickson named the outing "The Open Colon," as a play on words from other outings.

The first annual "Open Colon" was held on Tuesday, August 7, 1990 at the St. Joseph Valley Golf Club, 24953 M-86 in Nottawa , Michigan (approximately 15-20 minutes West of Colon). St. Joe Valley has been the permanent home of the golf outing since it's inception. The outing was moved one year due to weather conditions and was completely rained out a few times.

In its infancy the "Open Colon" was played on Tuesday of Magic Week. It included lunch, door prizes, a steak dinner banquet and trophies for the Golfer of the Year and Closest to the Pin. With fewer people being able to arrive a day early the day was changed to Wednesdays. The outing is very informal and a perfect way for golfing magicians to kick off the Get-Together. It went to a "No Frills" concept with no lunch, no raffle, no door prizes and no dinner. Also no tricks are allowed to be performed on the course or you get a stroke penalty.

The outing is still moderated by Al The Only. Each year the champion is determined by using a one day handicapping system called the Calloway System. The GOTY, Golfer of the Year, is presented with a plague and his/her name is inscribed on the tournament trophy, which is permanently housed at the Abbott's Magic Factory.

Open Colon Golfer of the Year

1990 Jim Hyams, Roanoke, VA

1991 Rob Poole, Troy, MI

1992 Al The Only, Hamtramck, MI

1993 John D. Deter, Farmington Hills, MI

1994 Don Brainerd, Sewickley, PA

1995 Bob Bengel, Atlanta, GA

1996 Michael Finney, Phoenix, AZ

1997 Bob Bonacci, Fraser, MI

1998 Kevin Dickerson, Muncie, IN

1999 Brad Jacobs, Malvern, PA

2000 Jonathan Kaman, Spring Grove, IL

2001 Brad Jacobs, Malvern, PA

2002 David Merry, Toronto, ONT, Canada

2003 Jack Richards, Kalamazoo, MI

2004 rain out

2005 Brad Jacobs, Ambler, PA

2006 Len Radde, Wauwatosa, WI

2007 Don Brainerd, Sewickley, PA

2008 Jim Oakley, Troy, MI

2009 Chuck King, Diamondale, MI

2010 rain out

2011 Al The Only, Lahaina, HI

2012 David Merry, Toronto, ONT, Canada

2013 rain out

2014 Chaz King, Diamondale, MI

2015 Chuck King, Diamondale, MI

2016 Chaz King, Grand Ledge, MI

2017 Kristine Ginther, Midland, MI

2018 Tim Hill, Cleveland Ohio

If you know of any other golfer/magician types that would like to join us please tell them to call Al The Only 808-874-2591 to get a tee time. Looking forward to a great day of golf. Please pray for good weather.

For more information you are welcome to e-mail Al The Only at or call him at 808-tricky1 (808-874-2591).

See you on Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 at 8:00 a.m.


Al The Only

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