New Lamps For Old

We all have magic around we no longer use. Trade it in for magic that you may use. Here's all you have to do.

1. E-Mail, Snail Mail, Or Bring in your magic to trade
2. List it by item, price you paid (if you remember)
3. Condition...Like new, some wear, lots of wear
4. Each item you list must have a retail price of $25.00 or more. No video tapes please.

Here's what we will do:

1. Make you a trade in offer for more magic, Get Together Registration, Credit Slip for future purchases, etc.
2. If agreed by both parties, send in the magic, we'll send you a credit slip to use at once or later.

Here's the contact information you'll need:

Phone: 1 269 432 3235
Fax: 1 269 432 3357
Address: Abbott Magic, 124 St. Joseph Street, Colon, MI 49040

A little history of the program is below

2011 - Hank Moorehouse Explains New Lamps For Old below.

1965 - For Magic Historians we have republished Duke's original ad below.
Dukes New Lamps For Old