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AUG 3rd (Wednesday) at 10:30 am at cafeteria in High School is the time and place to be because

What happens when a magic shop gets a book with a minor imperfection such as a bent cover or a folded page?
You sell the items at the Slightly Irregular Book Sale (wholesale or lower in most cases) once a year to help clear inventory.

-Rovi Reveals by Lewis Ganson - Rovi Reveals, by Lewis Ganson, contains VERY solid effects that are extremely strong and memorable. Rovi was known for his very focused and direct effects and presentations. He was very much ahead of his time. If you are a close-up card worker looking for material that can be used as closers, this is the book for you! Regular $10, Sale $2, Quantity 6.

-B2 For Those Who Dare by Philipp Ganglberger - Philipp Ganglberger earned his living with performing mentalism for over twenty years by now. Besides having multiple TV-Specials with his friends as a group called "Magic Mushrooms", he has appeared on nearly every stage in Austria. B2 is the name of the billet routine he used to do (and still does) in his act. It is suited for stage and parlor. Within the routine two thoughts are read. The routine itself is directed at advanced mentalists. But if you dare to practice you have something really marvelous at your fingertips. Mentalism done the Old School - no electronics, just you, your mind, your fingers and your audience. 28 pages with 29 pictures Regular $42, Sale $14, Quantity 1.

-Restaurant Workers Handbook by Jim Pace & Jerry Macgregor - Make Money Doing Restaurant Magic! Jim Pace's "The Restaurant Worker's Handbook shows you how! Jim Pace makese a very successful living performing Restaurant Magic. Now, in this "Handbook for Restaurant Workers," Jim shares the secrets that have taken him years to learn. In this extremely informative, 153-page book, Jim teaches you everything it takes to become a successful Restaurant Entertainer. In addition to invaluable information on becoming a successful Restaurant Entertainer. Jim and Jerry MacGregor also part with their own pet routines, including "Openers," "Strong Middle Routines" and "Closers." Learn eight-awesome effects with cards, coins, sponge balls and the appearance / disappearance of restaurant taint table items. Regular $10, Sale $2, Quantity 4.

-Mnemodexterity - Mnemodexterity is L. De Bevere's work on the Memorized Deck. If you've never utilized a Memorized Deck, let us say that it's quite an amazing piece of a card worker's arsenal. Once you've mastered it, the effects seem absolutely impossible and amazing to your audience.This very hard-to-find manuscript contains some of De Bevere's best work. This manuscript also includes his work with alphabet cards. Regular $12, Sale $2, Quantity 2.

-Truth Fables by Ben Blau - Truth Fables is the fantastic new book from 2019 Eugene Burger Legacy Award-Winner, Ben Blau. A follow-up to his best-selling book, Asymptotes, with Truth Fables Ben delivers another outstanding collection of effects from his own performing repertoire. Foreword by Jeff McBride, Truth Fables is a whopping 500 pages, illustrated with 400 black and white photographs. Truth Fables contains not only a huge assortment of the sophisticated card effects Ben is known for all around the world, but also some of his prized non-card effects. Lightning calculation, direct mind reading, drawing duplications, impossible coincidences, and more. 6"X9", 500 pages, hardcover with dust jacket. Regular $120, Sale $60, Quantity 1.

-Rants 2 by Kenton Knepper - The much anticipated sequel to "Rants Into Raves" is finally here! Rants 2 is everything its predecessor was and more. When you are done reading this manuscript, you will have a much greater understanding of yourself as a mystery performer. Your strengths and weaknesses will be exposed, and through this self exploration, you will come out a better performer.. Regular $15, Sale $3, Quantity 2.

-The Lilliputians by Will Ayling - The Lilliputians is a FANTASTIC book FILLED with tons of information on the world of glove and rod puppets. It contains many great and practical ideas surrounding puppetry, theatre, routines, sounds, music, drama, etc. It's basically a crash course/master class in and of itself. Highly recommended. Regular $24, Sale $4, Quantity 3.

-Flim-Flam Conglomeration by Bob Farmer - No other book like it! The Bammo Flim-Flam CONglomeration contains 472 pages with hundreds of illustrations (by Tony Dunn) in 71 chapters, with loads of magic: card tricks, dice and domino tricks, coin effects, rope tricks, mentalism and montes, gambling scams, bar bets, and humorous asides. Tons of new material and updated classic material, practical and usable immediately. Cut any Poker hand called for. Throw dice that can't lose (and they're NOT loaded). Turn your pocket change into a cash-generating gold mine. Learn the world's best full-deck false shuffle in five minutes or less. All with a detailed Scamdex so you can easily find the stuff you need for Friday night at the biker bar down from the auto plant. Bonus: Contains the classic Beat'em, Cheat'em, and Leave'em Bleedin' in a separate section. Luxurious Oversized Hardcover in Three-Piece Cloth Binding, 472 pages, Printed in USA on Acid-Free Archival Paper (will outlast the Dead Sea Scrolls). Regular $90, Sale $45, Quantity 1.

-Populate by Mark Parker - An illusionary appearance of a small crowd. Introduction by Eric Olsen of EDF Magic. Populate is Mark Parkers take on the Guy Jarrett 21 person cabinet. In this version an elevated framework structure, screened with fabric is shown completely empty & revolved 360 degrees. In an instant the fabric is stripped away revealing the surprise appearance of 26 people. The illusion is self contained, performed away from any backdrops and requires no black art. A stunning and surprising appearance of a small crowd of people. The illusion is described in detail complete with dimensions and construction notes. The apparatus required is designed to break down into individual sections for easy transport. Printed in glorious full color throughout, complete with detailed 3 dimensional illustrations. Regular $36, Sale $5, Quantity 4.

-DeLand: Mystery and Madness by Richard Kaufman - The mad genius of card magic, Theodore DeLand, created over 100 tricks between 1904 and 1915. He was famous for his ingenious invention of specially printed gimmicked cards and marked decks, which for the first time allowed everyone to perform amazing tricks with no sleight of hand. He was among the most influential inventors of card magic in the 20th century. DeLand's life has been a mystery for over 100 years, but diligent research has presented famed author Richard Kaufman with the opportunity to reveal DeLand's deepest secrets, which led to his tragic end, in a book that combines magic with biography in a new way. All of DeLand's miracles are presented in this lavish 608-page full-color over-sized volume weighing 10 pounds. A full deck of gimmicked cards printed specially for this book is also included. Full color 608 pages. Museum quality binding and slipcase. Includes 54 gimmicked cards Regular $180, Sale $90, Quantity 1.

-Ring Supreme - Aldo Colombini's presentation of the Rings Supreme is a very solid and entertaining routine for any audience. If you perform The Chinese Linking Rings and are not aware of the Rings Supreme routine, then this book is a MUST HAVE Regular $12, Sale $2, Quantity 2.

-Swami/Mantra by Sam Dalal - Bizarrists around the world once again finally have access to the complete collection of Sam Dalal's classic magazines Swami and Mantra, originally published between 1972 and 1974. Contained in this tome of knowledge are such secrets as how to munch down razor blades, eat glass light bulbs and pass silver needles from eye to eye (and that's just the beginning!). Hardbound, 256 Pages. Caution - This book not to be sold to anyone under the age of 18 years for any reason Regular $72, Sale $36, Quantity 1.

-Inside the head of Donny Orbit! - Donny Orbit has been cropping up all over the place recently, having effects published in MAGIC, GENII and ANTINOMY and contributing to Nathan Kranzo's 'Moving Tanline' DVD. Full 52 is pleased to announce the release of his first commercial release - 'Inside the head of Donny Orbit!' 6 amazing close up routines from an extremely offbeat thinker. 'Off the wall' plots with a direct and practical approach. Not only is this magic you'll use, it's magic that'll make you smile, shake your head, kick yourself and swear out loud - all at the same time! Regular $24, Sale $2, Quantity 1.

-Illusion FX by Andrew Mayne - Easy to build, inexpensive illusions that pack small and play big. For example you will get the Appearing Motorcycles, Teleporting Assistants, Hovering Magicians, Severed Heads, Super-fast escapes and many more! Regular $42, Sale $21, Quantity 1.

-Playing Shopping Centers by Jim Mahoney - Playing Shopping Centers by Jim Mahoney (with Introduction by Billy McComb) was written in 1983 yet is still relevant in every way, even today. This book focuses primarily on Playing Shopping Malls. From microphones and lighting to staging and advertising, this book covers many of the main components of performing in such an environment. It also includes how to build and set up portable curtains and a collapsible stage! Regular $12, Sale $2, Quantity 2.

-TeleShock by Nefesch and Titanas - With your hands in full view, you request that the television be plugged back in, as you begin to describe that you are watching a specific 'scene' in your mind - a scene, which you believe, has something to do with the channel that your spectator has merely been thinking of! You ask, for the first time, what channel your spectator has been thinking of, and proceed to explain how your new skill also enables you to change channels using only the power of your mind. As you concentrate on the TV, explaining that you are focusing your mental energy on it, you request that it be turned on for the first time since being unplugged. When the television powers up, it is, remarkably, tuned to the exact channel that the spectator had been thinking of, and, the scene displayed, is exactly as you had described! Teleshock requires no set fact it requires nothing, as Telekinesis is totally impromptu. Teleshock does not use a duplicate remote control. Teleshock is totally self-working. The method consists of three parts, two of which are well established and generally known mentalism methods. The new part is how to switch the channel of a TV unknown to the spectators. Nefesch offers 4 methods to cover all known cases and models. Regular $30, Sale $4, Quantity 2.

-Aqua-Imp by Ben Harris - Ionize the water in a drinking bottle, making it almost lighter than air! Aqua~imp is one powerful piece of "incidental" magic. It appears almost impromptu. This illusion of spontaneity actually enhances the mystery-for it is at this magical (and supposedly offhanded moment) you give your spectators a thought-provoking, gentle, and fun glimpse at an un-imagined world of possibility. Regular $18, Sale $3, Quantity 2.

-Open Prediction Project by Thomas Baxter - In 1949 magician Paul Curry proposed an effect with playing cards that seemed impossible. Despite the best efforts of the top minds of his day, the effect became known as The Curry Unsolved Card Problem. For almost 60 years mentalists and magicians have wracked their brains trying to find the perfect solution for Curry's challenge, now known as The Open Prediction. The Open Prediction Project is the largest collection of its kind in existence. It is a compilation of 51 unique and creative solutions to the Open Prediction problem. Performers such as Marc Paul, Michael Weber, Barrie Richardson, Patrick Redford, Mick Ayres and Hector Chadwick have offered their solutions for this 296 page hard-cover book; and these are just a few in a long list of creative and innovative contributors from around the globe Regular $66, Sale $33, Quantity 1.

-Experiencing the Impossible by Gustav Kuhn - What do we see when we watch a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat or read a person's mind? We are captivated by an illusion; we applaud the fact that we have been fooled. Why do we enjoy experiencing what seems clearly impossible, or at least beyond our powers of explanation? Gustav Kuhn examines the psychological processes that underpin our experience of magic. Kuhn, a psychologist and a magician, reveals the intriguing-and often unsettling-insights into the human mind that the scientific study of magic provides. Regular $39, Sale $18, Quantity 2.

-Miracle Signed Bill In Cigar - The performer borrows a bill of any denomination and has it signed. The bill instantly vanishes from your fingertips. A cigar is borrowed and ripped in half. A bill is taken out and unrolled, revealing their signed bill. Very limited quantities available.Regular $12, Sale $2, Quantity 2.

-AREMPI The Book - Baltazar Fuentes is an underground magician whose technical prowess at sleight of hand has been well known to those magicians in the inner circle. He regularly partook in Marlo's round table sessions alongside his more eminent students like Simon Aaronson, Steve Draun, David Solomon and the occasional out of towner who would inevitably drop in. When he performed at the fame Magic Castle in Hollywood, he also had sessions with Dai Vernon who was very fond of him and admired his technical skill. Larry Jennings also commented that "his construction of magical effects were absolutely marvelous". Regular $186, Sale $93, Quantity 1.

-The Hofner Quintet - The Hofner Quintet offers three complete mentalism effects for stage. Each effect is taught in great detail with "blue prints" on how to build the items needed. You will not be disappointed with this rare find. Limited quantities available. Regular $10, Sale $2, Quantity 2.

-Alas Chris and Jones - Professional magicians and creators Chris Congreave and Gary Jones have been friends and collaborators for almost 20 years. In that time they have released between them (and together) dozens of effects and routines, many are in the repertoires of lots of working magicians. Alas Chris & Jones is the best of their work from the last 20 years. 72 routines that they have carefully selected from their previously published books as well as 16 brand new effects that have never before been seen. As well as essays on performing close up magic and misdirection. Chapters on card magic, coins, mentalism and "something different". Alas Chris & Jones is a beautiful hard backed book that you will absolutely love. Regular $120, Sale $60, Quantity 1.

-Even Stephen - This book details a very commercial betting routine. If you like the ten-card poker deal and effects dealing with what seem to be impossible odds, then this one is for you. Even when the odds are totally against you, the methods included ensure that you come out the winner. Very limited quantities available.Regular $12, Sale $2, Quantity 2.

-Essential Stone - At long last, legendary New York magician Sol Stone's best effects have been amassed into a single, hard-bound volume. Here are over 50 of Sol's favorite effects -- including some of his most closely-guarded secrets -- all completely updated and rewritten, with the full routines and Sol's newest improvements. Regular $66, Sale $33, Quantity 1.

-Magic Coloring Book by Di Fatta Magic - With this magic coloring book, the magician will be able to take the audience by surprise and show them a book that starts out BLANK... and MYSTERIOUSLY has black and white drawings and then just as MYSTERIOUSLY every image is in FULL COLOR. Featuring wild animals and jungle scenes. Regular $10, Sale $2, Quantity 1.

-My Magic Life - David Devant is not only a legend in magic but a master performer and author. In this book, David shares his insight on the art of magic, as well as some of his personal experiences along the way. From magic to spiritualism, this fascinating read is packed with real-world thinking. It will also enrich your performing by examining the way you look at the magical arts. Regular $30, Sale $15, Quantity 2.

-Seventh Heaven - David Devant is not only a legend in magic but a master performer and author. In this book, David shares his insight on the art of magic, as well as some of his personal experiences along the way. From magic to spiritualism, this fascinating read is packed with real-world thinking. It will also enrich your performing by examining the way you look at the magical arts. Regular $30, Sale $15, Quantity 1.

-Psychological Subtleties 3 - With this third book he continues to inspire readers with the "Psychological Subtleties" series by offering additional fresh and creative ideas along with full routines from both himself and his friends from around the globe. Here you will find routines from Paul Alberstat, Sean Waters, Robert Domenech, Leonardo Silverio, Colin McLeod, Andrew Gerard, Marc Spelmann, Peter Nardi, Don Marco, Craig Leonard, Peter Arcane, Brad Henderson, Mark Roberts, Leo Boudreau, Jonathan Grant, Tony Binarelli, Docc Hilford, Kenton Knepper, Michael Murray, Richard Busch, Bryan Quinn, Francis J. Menotti, Ravi, Raj Madhok, Greg Arce, David Penn, and Joseph Atmore. Regular $78, Sale $39, Quantity 1.

-Deceivers Discourse - This book contains some fantastic magic from one of Magic's most prolific authors. Having written many books as well as articles in just about every magic publication, Ken de Courcy's work is a must have. This book is packed with great stage and stand-up material. Some of the effects included in this book are: Balloon Prediction, Card in Balloon, Cut and Restored Rope, Sky-Hook Coins, plus much, much more. Everything is explained in detail. Regular $5, Sale $1, Quantity 4.

-Genii Halloween Issue 2020 - To honor the spook show theme we will have quite a few Halloween issues of Genii magazine that we think the spook show audience will love. Includes A Halloween Celebration by Steve Bryant, Poems for a Dark and Stormy Night, Beyond the Final Houdini Seance, The Movie Night Five- Minute Seance, Crypt-Ography, The Room with Thread in Its Walls by Rob Zabrecky with Jim Steinmeyer, The Trick (or Treat) That Can't Be Explained by Jonathan Friedman, Lifeless by Michel Huot, Vampire Cat by Chris Beason, Knights at The Magic Castle Spirited Spirits by Libby Ward, and much much more including spooky magic trick and book reviews. We think you will enjoy this magazine Regular $6, Sale $2, Quantity 18.

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