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Don't miss any of the following great events AUG 2-5 2023
For more info and pics on any of these special events click on the name below or scroll down for all events!

34th Golf Classic
Seance Houdini Book Release
Dealers Room
Colon Street Performers
Magic Capital of the World
Magic Lectures
Showroom Specials
Slightly Irregular Book Sale
Magician Cemetery Tour with Al The Only
Vent O Rama
Curly's 31st Closeup Contest
Abbott Talent Contest
Colon Historical Museum Magic Exhibit
Old Fashion Magic Show
Face Painting
Colon Arts & Crafts Show
Live at Five Shows
Library Book Sale

34th Annual
All registrants of the Get-Together who like to golf are welcome!

No Frills Golf Classic

You need to be at the 34th Annual Open Colon "No Frills" Golf Classic, Tuesday, August 1, 2023 8:15am.

St. Joe Valley Golf Club
24953 M-86
Nottawa, MI 49091
(269) 467-6275

Call Al The Only 1-808-874-2591 for more information or to confirm a tee time. This is open to all golfers who are registered for the Abbott's Magic Get-Together. The cost is $10 plus the cart and golf fees. The course has clubs for rent, but please call them 1-269-467-6275 to reserve a set. PM, text, e-mail ( or call Al at 1-808-874-2591 to let me know that you'll be joining us.

FORE a history of this event click here!!!

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No Frills Golf Classic

Abbott's Magic Presents
The incredible story of the Houdini seances and how to host your own!

Seance Houdini 26:26

Houdini died in Detroit Michigan on October 31st, 1926 at 1:26pm. Halloween of 2026 will mark the 100th anniversary of this event and people will be conducting seances across the country to see if the famous escape artist can finally escape death and make his appearance known. In the past 100 years countless seances, both legit and faked, have been performed for publicity, fundraising, and entertainment. this book is designed to be your guide should you decide to participate in the worlds largest seance which will take place in 2026.

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Seance Houdini 26:26

We try to go out of our way to have super showroom specials
Prices that are so low you will be shocked

special deals

Some of the great deals you will find at the Abbotts Dealers Room include the following:


GLITCH CARD Reg $48 Sale $13 DEMO




RING HOLE Reg $60 Sale $13 DEMO

TICKING TAC Reg $57 Sale $25 DEMO


CANDY MORPH Reg $30 Sale $7 DEMO

CHEEKY LIPS Reg $46 Sale $9 DEMO

And many more.

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special deals

Magic Get Together Dealers Room
The dealers room will be in the High School cafeteria this year

Dealers Room

The dealers room is open everyday during the Get Together and will have various specials during the week (some of which are mentioned elsewhere on this page. Some of the dealers expected for 2023 are listed below.

  • Rocky Clement Magic
  • BJW Magical Jewelers
  • SWC Magic
  • Far East Magic
  • Used Magic
  • Abbott Magic Shop

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    Dealers Room

    Colon Michigan
    The entire town celebrates Magic Week during the Get Together!

    Magic Week

    The Village of Colon doubles in population during Magic Week (Aug 2-5 2023) and many great events take place in the town. First lets not forget Colon's significance to Magic and Michigan history as it is a Michigan Historical (Site P24712 Honoring Colon & Blackstone).

    Individual shops have their own specials and events each year. Colon also has 3 magic shops in town and there are usually used magic sales going on around the city. Not a day goes by without street performances by magicians, musicians, and other entertainers. Friday and Saturday are accented with barbecues on the street as well as many delicacies served both inside and outside. Each year is different and each event very special so stop by this year and check it out, there is truly nothing better than Colon Michigan during Magic Week Aug 2-5 2023!

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    Magic Week

    Magic Lectures every day during the Get Together
    Includes several solo lectures and group lectures


    Abbott's has several lectures during the week lectures by the following magicians.

  • Guy Hollingworth
  • Mac King
  • Lance Burton
  • Japanese Group Lecture 1
  • Japanese Group Lecture 2
  • South American Group Lecture 1
  • South American Group Lecture 2

  • All the lectures are included in your full registration.

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    While They Last
    It begins at 10:30am Aug 2nd in the Dealers Room

    Slightly Irregular Book Sale

    What happens if you buy 20 magic books and only sell 2 of them in a year or get a book with a bent page or cover? You sell them at the Slightly Irregular Book Sale (wholesale or lower) once a year to clear inventory.

    Some of the sale books are listed below.

  • PRODUCT DEVOPMENT CLASS - Reg $120, Sale $26 (1 available)
  • FUNNY TRICKS CLEVER BITS - Reg $42, Sale $12 (3 available)
  • VIDEO CHAT MAGIC BOOK - Reg $96, Sale $20 (3 available)
  • THE ASSISTANTS REVENGE - Reg $18, Sale $2 (3 available)
  • BILLY BENBOW'S BEST - Reg $6, Sale $1 (3 available)
  • MAGIC ATLAS - Reg $42, Sale $7 (3 available)
  • CONEY ISLAND FAKIR - Reg $42, Sale $7 (2 available)
  • SHABARA - Reg $70, Sale $32 (1 available)
  • THE MADRAS PAPER RETREAT - Reg $6, Sale $1 (3 available)
  • BANK NOTE IN LEMON - Reg $12, Sale $2 (3 available)
  • OUIJA - Reg $48, Sale $4 (3 available)
  • SCAM SCHOOL - Reg $18, Sale $9 (2 available)
  • MAGIC SQUARE 2.0 - Reg $30, Sale $10 (2 available)
  • PARIMENTAL - Reg $72, Sale $36 (1 available)
  • THE SYMBOOK BOOK TEST - Reg $90, Sale $39 (1 available)
  • NON PLUS ULTRA: HOFZINSER - Reg $360, Sale $140 (1 available)
  • SECRET LIFE OF HOUDINI - Reg $27, Sale $12 (2 available)
  • MACHINATIONS - Reg $48, Sale $16 (1 available)
  • CONFRONTING MAGIC - Reg $72, Sale $15 (1 available)
  • SECRETS OF GAMBLING - Reg $18, Sale $6 (2 available)
  • BORIS WILD VARIATIONS - Reg $41, Sale $12 (3 available)
  • MAGIC OF JONATHAN - Reg $48, Sale $12 (1 available)
  • ILLUSIONEER - Reg $48, Sale $16 (1 available)
  • Slightly Irregular Book Sale

    Al The Only
    Al continues a wonderful Get Together tradition

    Magic Cemetery Tour

    Al The Only takes you on a tour of the Colon cemetery where many famous magicians are buried. Al explains who each magician was, what they did and some insight about them in his own, inimitable way. This tour is a favorite project of Al's. Why? One reason could be that in 1993 Karrell Fox gave Al the same tour, check it out here

    Al The Only has been featured in many local publications and magazines such as "Crain's Small Business", "Money", and "Success", for his work in Corporate America. Although he typically performs at company banquets, cocktail parties and hospitality suites, you can also find him working at trade shows and sales meetings.

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    Magic Cemetery Tour

    Sponsored by the American Legion
    You will know who is performing where in the streets of Colon

    Colon Busking Experience

    Sponsored generously by the Colon American Legion Post #454, the scheduled street shows (Buskers) are free to all guests of the Village of Colon. The Legion is the legendary gathering place during the Get Together after the evening shows, and their generosity, civic involvement, and heroic heritage of Colon's Legion is second to none. This busker's storied tradition during the Get Together promises to be top-notch entertainment, and in the tradition of street performers, your tips let them know their entertainment is appreciated. The Abbott's Magic Get Together wants to ensure EVERYONE in Colon has a chance to go home with a little magic!

    Wednesday Aug. 2, 2023
    12:00 Noon - Odd Cory & JuJu Sideshow (Curly's, right of entrance door)
    2:30 PM - Jania Taylor (Granny's Place by American Legion/5 Star Pizza)
    5:30 PM - Capt. Sean (Magic Capital Grill, by bridge)

    Thursday Aug. 3, 2023
    12:00 Noon - Gordon Russ (Magic Capital Grill, by bridge)
    2:30 PM - The Magic of Trino (Granny's Place by American Legion)
    5:30 PM - Jania Taylor (Magic Capital Grill, by bridge)

    Friday Aug. 4, 2023
    12:00 Noon - Odd Cory & JuJu Sideshow (Granny's Place by American Legion/5 Star Pizza)
    4:00 PM - Gordon Russ (Colon Twp Library Lawn, by Craft Show)
    5:30 PM - The Magic of Trino (Curly's, right of entrance door)

    Saturday Aug. 5, 2023
    12:00 Noon - Capt. Sean (Magic Capital Grill, by bridge)
    3:00 PM - Gordon Russ (Colon Twp Library Lawn, by Craft Show)
    5:30 PM - Odd Cory & JuJu Sideshow (Curly's, right of entrance door)

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    Colon Busking Experience

    For current and future ventriloquist
    Learn Ventriloquism the fun way with Scott Correll!


    Vent O Rama takes you step by step through the basics of ventriloquism and demonstrates everything along the way. You do not need a puppet! You do not need any special equipment or talent to do this, and the entire family can learn and be entertained at the same time. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to add a touch of fun to their act! The event takes place in the Abbott plant on Thursday at 2:30pm with Scott Correll as your host!

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    Check out Colon's Magical History
    at the Colon Historical Museum!

    Colon Magic Exhibit

    The Community Historical Society of Colon was organized in 1974 to promote interest in all aspects of the history of Colon and the surrounding area. To help fulfill its purpose the society established and today maintains the museum which opened on July 4th, 1976.

    You could almost call the Museum's Magic Exhibit Colon's own "Magic Hall of Fame" as you will see articles and items from many of the past performers who have graced the Abbott stage. The museum is opened during the Get Together from 3pm till 5:00 pm.

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    Colon Magic Exhibit

    Curly's Bar and Grill
    Join us after the Thursday evening show for the 31st Curly's Closeup Contest

    Curly's Closeup Contest

    Curly's Closeup is back for the first time since the pandemic, and this will be the 31st Curly's Closeup Contest.

    If you would like to participate in this historic event contact Curlys either through their FaceBook Page or through the form at As many of you know, the original Curly's building burned down in 2013 (the closeup contest continued in 2013 using a temporary location), but has been rebuilt and it is a beautiful building that now wraps around the corner of mainstreet.

    Minnesota magician Tru DiCanzo once described the Curly's Closeup Contest as follows. "This was unlike any magic contest I've seen before - The Curly's Classic is like the wrestling cage match of magic. It's one of the most challenging performance situations in the middle of a bar with the noise of video games, and pool tables."

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    Curly's Closeup Contest

    Abbotts Magic Get Together
    See the talent of tomorrow today !

    Stage Talent Contest

    Not only do you see the future talent of magic, you can be a part of it because registered members who watch the talent competition are given a vote for what they think is the best act. Some of the past performers who have participated in the talent contest as teenagers are listed below.

  • Lance Burton
  • Mac King
  • Jeff Hobson
  • Franz Harary
  • Kevin James

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  • Stage Talent Contest

    $5 Magic Shows at the Abbott Showroom
    Family Friendly Magicians are your host for afternoon magic!

    Daily Magic Shows

    Bring the whole family to a good old fashioned magic show! As if there was not enough magic going on this week, Abbott's brings you daily magic shows from its historical showroom twice a day during the Get Together. These shows are only $5 a head and last about 20 - 40 minutes and you will be sitting in bleachers under Abbott's historical ceiling which is covered with classic magic posters (some of the ceiling posters are valued in the tens of thousands of dollars).

    WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2 at Abbott's Magic
    1 PM MAGIC SHOW --- with John Shango
    4:30 PM MAGIC SHOW --- with Joe Bennett

    THURSDAY, AUGUST 3 at Abbott's Magic
    1 PM MAGIC SHOW --- with Jeffrey Alan
    4:30 PM MAGIC SHOW --- with John Gilmore

    FRIDAY, AUGUST 4 at Abbott's Magic
    1 PM MAGIC SHOW --- with Tim Wright
    4:30 PM MAGIC SHOW --- with Rocky Clements

    SATURDAY, AUGUST 5 at Abbott's Magic
    1 PM MAGIC SHOW --- with John Shango
    4:30 PM MAGIC SHOW --- with Joe Bennett

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    Daily Magic Shows

    Family fun and family prices
    Award Winning Artist Carol Hendrix!

    Face Painting

    Take a Master's degree in Education, a background in fine arts, years of experience in children's entertainment, and what do you get? Carol Hendrix! After teaching for over six years in the California school districts, Carol moved to Illinois and decided on a career path that involved more creativity. This award-winning artist will be face painting in front of Five Star Pizza from 3:00-6:00 each day of the Get-Together. Come visit her with your most creative design requests; she loves a good challenge!

    (Please note Carol will not be face painting Wednesday as she will be participating in the Wednesday "Rock and Roll" evening show)

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    Face Painting

    $10 Magic Shows at the Sterlini' Theatre
    More information at Sterlini Theatre Website

    Live At Five

    The Sterlini's annual Magic Week Special Matinee Always a Sell Out!

    This amazing magic show is the perfect blend of family-friendly, comedy magic and amazing sleight of hand, making it the perfect way to spend part of your afternoon while attending the Abbott’s Get Together!

    A truly amazing magic and variety show perfect for all ages! 5 PM August 2, 3, 4, and 5, 2023

    5 PM August 2, 3, 4, and 5 2023

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    Live At Five

    Sponsored by Colon's Friends of the Library
    The entire town celebrates Magic Week during the Get Together!

    Magic Week Arts and Craft Fair

    Colon Rabbit Ears, Face Painting, Live Bands and Entertainments, plus some of the best craft booths you will see in Michigan. This long running event is traditional to Magic Week in Colon and really provides a great shopping experience for all members of the family. Everything from bird houses to hub cap art to sponsoring an exchange student may be found at the Craft show. This event begins Friday, August 4th from 11am till 5pm, then again on Saturday August 5th from 11am till 5 pm. The event takes place on Canal street which is adjacent to the Library. If you would like to be a vendor at this event, or if you are a magician who would like to sell your used magic, fill out the Vendor Form and follow the simple instructions to register.

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    Magic Week Arts & Craft Fair

    If you have readers in your family you won't want to miss this
    Open during regular library hours during the Get Together!

    Library Book Sale

    Visitors to Colon who enjoy a good book, fiction or non fiction, are going to enjoy this event. This is a giant book sale that the library does annually during the Get Together to raise a little money. Most books will be a dollar or less and there are plenty to choose from, not just a few books on a table. The book sale takes place in the library basement (as shown in the photos) and the event takes place during the library regular hours of operation during the Get Together which are shown below.

  • Wednesday August 2, 10am -5 pm
  • Thursday August 3, 10am -7 pm
  • Friday August 4, 10am -5 pm
  • Saturday August 5, 9am -1 pm

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    Library Book Sale

    Magic Capital of the World

    We're Not a 1 Horse Town
    Duke Stern said Colon is not a one horse town...

    Guess he was right!
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