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Magic Get Together 2008 Gallery

Performers included Andost, Tom Burgoon, Christian and Katalina, Joe Devlin, David Ginn, Kevin Heller, Bruce Kalver, Kyoka, Brad Lancaster, TR Loon, Gordon Miller, Hank Moorehouse, David Oliver, Pavel, George Schindler, David Seebach, Matthew David Stanley, Jay Sterling, Johnny Thompson, The Great Tomsoni, Rick Walker, Steve Walker, Bill Watson, Yumi.

Opening Tributes by Bill Watson

Tribute to Monk Watson by Bill Watson

Welcome to Colon by Bill Watson

A day before the official start of the 2008 Get Together Colon had a dedication ceremony for the new "magic themed" park which should be functional by next years Get Together!


Bruce Kalver Lecture

Bruce Kalver has been working professionally for over 40 years. Billed in the early years as "Rhode Island's Youngest Professional Magician," his magic education started at the age of four when his grandfather, Samuel Woolf, who was himself a magician and an assistant to Houdini, began to teach him the art.

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Johnny Thompson Lecture

Johnny Thompson has recently been working as a consultant to his protege Lance Burton and to Penn & Teller and has just finished an I-Max movie with Sigfried and Roy. Last year he did the 'Oakridge Boys Live in Las Vegas,' the World's Greatest Magic and the PBS Special, 'The Art of Magic.' John has also received the most prestigious Masters Fellowship award from the Academy of Magical Arts.

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Tom Burgoon Lecture

Tom Burgoon is a dynamic polished professional delighting audiences across the country for over 20 years! Tom has performed in all 50 states, major hotels, nightclubs, cruise ships, and Las Vegas. He has performed with such great comedians as Robin Williams, Louie Anderson, Drew Carey, Sinbad and Sam Kinison!

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David Ginn Lecture

David Ginn is now celebrating 35 years of fulltime performing, writing, lecturing and teaching others how to entertain children and family audiences. David performs 300-400 shows yearly at schools, libraries, conventions, and churches.

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David Oliver Lecture

You may have seen David Oliver on one of many TV appearances, including recently, when his magic was featured on the Discovery Channel, CN8's "NiteBeat" and �The Early Show� on CBS. And for the past nine years, David Oliver has been the most requested guest performer in Broadway's longest-running magic show, "Monday Night Magic" in New York City.

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Pavel Lecture

Pavel's Original Magic is both astonishing to watch and easy to perform. He is the author of several books on magic and is known around the world for his magical creations. It is no wonder that, the Academy of Magical Arts, honored Pavel with the 2002 Creative Fellowship Award at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

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Best Decorated Vehicle

Jim Hathy is the winner of the 2008 Best Decorated Vehicle Contest. His daughters did most of the decorating and were awarded with gift certificates from Abbotts Magic from Debbie Bordner. Later in the day, Jim and his family appeared on SOC TV and Jim performed a favorite trick to a live internet audience.

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Stage Talent Contest

Thanks to all the participants, the winners this year were Jeff Lee (1st Place), Jake Prosek (2nd Place), and Jeremy June & Gemma (3rd Place). Other performers receiving votes (in no particular order) included Chase Cottle, Richard Konjarevich, Chris Konjarevich, and Douglas Johnson.

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Magic Ministers Session

Whether you are performing Gospel magic or not, take the time to see Duane Laflin do the Magic Ministers Sessions at the Abbotts Get Together. Every idea was great and most of the props are ones you already have. Performance and technique are covered in a most entertaining way and I guarantee you will enjoy this gem of an event.

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Vent O Rama

Hosted by George Schindler, he takes you step by step through the basics of ventriloquism and demonstrates everything along the way. You do not need a puppet! You do not need any special equipment or talent to do this, and the entire family can learn and be entertained at the same time. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to add a touch of fun to their act!

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You've probably seen their live feed on the internet as SOC TV sends magic in a new high tech direction which until recently was undreamt of. SOC stands for Street of Cards, a nickname for Colon MI.The founding members of SOC are also members of the "ISORZ" who meet annually at the Get Together, hosting their now legendary campfire.

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Cemetery Tour

Its hard to believe that 15 years ago, Karrell Fox took Al the Only on a tour of the Colon Lakeside Cemetery. Now you can be part of that same tour except that it will be Al the Only as MC of Magics Final Act.

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Closeup Show

Abbotts Closeup Show consists of four great performers who perform simultaneously to different parts of the stage. Each performance rotates after about 15 minutes giving the audience a wonderful closeup experience.

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olivercloseup (1)
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Dealers Room

Abbotts dealers room was just a buzz of activity throughout the event with a dozen different dealers selling everything from head shrinking machines to animated skulls that can read minds (I mention these two items because I bought them both in the dealers room). Check out some highlights from the dealers room, along with highlights from "Dealers on Parade" and "Abbotts Auction".

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Magic Capital

Visit the Magic Capital of the World during the Abbotts Magic Get Together and here are some of the things you might see just by walking up and down the streets of Colon.

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Just Before the Show

The fun is only beginning as you count down the minutes till the show starts, luckily there are many things to do and many famous magicians to meet during this brief time.



The Abbott's Get Together has been entertaining people for over 70 years and this year was another fabulous success. These pictures are from Abbott's official photographer David Linsell.

Brad Lancaster Close Up1
Brad Lancaster1
Brad Lancaster2
Bruce Kalver1
Bruce Kalver3
David Ginn Lecture1
David Ginn Lecture2
David Ginn Lecture3
David Oliver Close Up1
David Oliver1
David Oliver2
David Oliver3
David Seebach1
David Seebach2
George Schindler1
George Schindler2
George Schindler3
George Schindler4
Hank Moorehouse1
Hank Moorehouse2
Howard Mincone1
Howard Mincone2
Howard Mincone3
Jay Sterling1
Johnny Thompson Close Up1
Johnny Thompson Lecture1
Johnny Thompson Lecture2
Johnny Thompson Lecture3
Johnny Thompson Lecture4
Johnny Thompson Lecture5
June and Joan
Legion Magic1
Pavel Close Up1
Pavel Close Up2
Pavel Close Up3
Pavel Lecture1
Rick Walker1
Silly Shirt Group Shot
Steve Walker1
Steve Walker2
Steve Walker3
The Incredible Loon1
The Incredible Loon2
The Incredible Loon3
Tom Burgoon1
Tom Burgoon2
Tom Burgoon3
Tom Burgoon4
Tom BurgoonAward
Yumi Award

Magic Capital of the World

We're Not a 1 Horse Town
Duke Stern said Colon is not a one horse town...

Guess he was right!
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