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Abbotts 67th Get Together 2004

by Ron Jaxon

I just got back from the Abbotts Magic get together. Some events happened to me while I was there and I wanted to share my experience with you all.

Two days before the convention
My car breaks down and I have to spend all but $100 of my money I had budgeted for the convention.

Second day of convention
I took first place in the Peoples choice close up contest and second place in the curlys close up contest.

Third day of convention
I wake up from my tent to find that all my money has been stolen. If you've never been to this convention many of us camp and hang out at a fire in the after hours. When I got there I emptied my pockets and put everything in my tent. Who ever robbed me must have took it from my tent while I was at the fire.

The last day of convention
I took first place in the Peoples choice Stage contest. So at least I'm not leaving the convention empty handed. Still, I was out $700. I'm sure many of you know that I've had a pretty emotional year. When I got robbed it felt really rough as I'm sure you can imagine.

That all changed on the last night. A few magicians found me at the legion and asked me to come with them to Curly's (These are the two major night hang outs). They brought me up in front of the bar (Which was packed). Told everyone what had hapened to me. Then totally shocked me by handing me a hat full of money. The magicians and spectators that spent there time at this event actually took up a colection for me. I couldn't believe it.

I just got home today and I gotta say that I haven't felt this good about life in a long time. It's not the money, it's the fact that they all came together to help a fellow magician/friend out.

I thought the unity that was expressed was worth sharing.

Editors note: Ron will be sending us a picture of this story when his scanner get's working but until then he said we could post this compilation video of the 2007 Get Together which gives a great feel for the atmosphere and camaraderie that are present at the Get Togethers. Thanks Ron!

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